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Fetish Ladies and Mistress Profiles - FetishPedia

We had the honour to get an exclusive interview with Mistress Tatjana from Budapest

Everything you always wanted to know about your goddess Mistress Tatjana... almost everything :)

You can watch the interview here for free
Fetish Ladies and Mistress Profiles

The kinky Nurse
Be prepared for the most embarrassing and degrading sexual examination of your genitals. The medical treatment you receive on my gynaecological chair will be as sadistic and painful as possible. I am already looking forward to your extremely painful rectal therapy on my gynaecological chair. Read more

Mistress Natasha Müller

Mexico City, Mexico, 14 Years of Expertise, "Under the glow of your being, I find fulfillment. In the symphony of your presence, my soul grew still. The clamor of the world fades in your aura, And my ego dissolves in the radiance you emit... Read more

Catherine Deneuve
United Kingdom and Dubai, I am Sophisticated, beautiful and expensive.  I am a temptress who will blow your mind and lead you into a dark foray of fantasy.  I am a woman to be worshipped and adored, not for the faint hearted only for the brave. Read more

Mistress Melisa
London, Chelsea. Nestled in the heart of Gloucester Road lies my  playroom, a sanctuary where fantasies come to life and inhibitions fade  away. Here, amidst the shadows and the whispers, .. Read more

The Stern Mistress Lea

Mistress Lea has been known for an unparalleled commitment to client Life Coaching sessions. It’s this standard of excellence. Specialty Services are as a Spanking Life Coach and Disciplinarian... Read more

Domina Sreni
A dominatrix and fetishist of an unyielding nature who tends to subdue and punish male slaves with marked strength. DSM, fetish leather bondage and sadomasochistic practices performed in her fully equipped leather dungeon in Milan. Read more

Bijoux Chocolate

Look into my eyes and discover my ocean of pleasure! I have already cast a spell over you with my natural beauty and will enchant you with my authentic dominance. Read more

The Strapon Site
where the ladies control the action, you better obey... Read more (sponsored link)

Comtesse Mallory

Comtesse Mallory is a sadistic feral Domme, she uses Her subs as a playground for her decadent pleasures advocating and practicing a totalitarian gynarchic system... Read more

Mistress DouXXX

As a passionate sadist, I enjoy your suffering, take you to your limits and turn you into my perverted toy. Based in Budapest, Hungary Read more

Mistress Mia Matrixx

Loving yet cruel. Sensitive yet brutal. Your wildest dream and your worst nightmare. Extremely versatile and fast-paced. Her dungeon is located in Munich, Germany. Read more

Mistress Tatjana
Do not be fooled by her sweet innocent appearance, her sadism is boundless. For her, you are just a toy on which she ca... Read more

Fucking Original
A passionate Domina and lifestyle fetishist who specialises in creating safe and satisfying experiences for submissives of any gender. Her personal play space is in Birmingham,UK. Read more

Mistress Andromeda X
Iternational Mistress from Barcelona, Spain loves to dominate perverts like you and subdue them with the power of her s... Read more

Latex Lara
Lara is a Rubberdoll with a big latexfetish enjoying full enclosure playing with others rubberfetish lovers. Lara  is all about... Read more

Lady Blackdiamoond
Fetishist and dominatrix from Berlin, Germany. Untouchable dominance bringing you to your knees, keeping and training... Read more

Miss Kasha
Mistress from Berlin, Germany. Her beauty magically attracts men. Her charm turns you into wax in her hands. It is a dre... Read more

Mistress Susi
As a previous international photo model, she have always been a woman that liked to be in control of men. Endlessly fas... Read more

Lady Ashley Inferno
I am the mistress of your greed and desire. It starts with curiosity and grows into an insatiable desire for unconditional ...   Read more  

Miss Shiva Bitch
Mean dominatrix, cruel nurse, real fetishist. sadistic, irresistible and consequent. The game is ever played by my rules an... Read more

Lady Luciana Di Domizio
You will find no mercy from me, only infinite boundlessness !!!! Because in my eyes, in my personality, in my charisma  a... Read more

Lady Cheyenne de Muriel
Classic noble and strict leather mistress and rubber goddess, dominatrix from Stuttgart Germany Classic,  pain and fetish...  Read more

Fetish Lady Schokomaus
My fetish I discovered at the age of 19! At that time I had first experiences with patent, leather an latex It was a kind of...   Read more

Fetish Ladies and Mistresses can add their own free entry to the site here:

You always wanted to know what is behind the terms like Domina, Femdom, Rubber, Clinic. In our FetishPedia we explain you the world of fetish and real fetishists. Watch the videos and explore the secrets.

Every true mistress loves to kick her useless slave's balls. Enjoy the wonderful pain and suffer for your mistress fun...    Read more

Once the slave is defenceless in bondage, the mistress has absolute power and control and can do whatever she wa....  Read more

One of the most wonderful humiliations a mistress can inflict on her slave is to "lock" his penis in a tiny chastity cage...  Read more

Clinic Fetish
Defenselessly tied up you lie on the gynecological examination chair, the nurse is an evil sadist who will perform a pai... Read more

Double Domination
One of the most pleasurable treatments for a happy slave is Double Domination.This means that two female Mistresss... Read more

A painful or submissive pleasure for the man in the role play but also in real life. Such a relationship is called 27/7 sla...  Read more

Foot Domination or Foot fetish
Foot domination or foot fetish stands for a fetish in which the humiliation is mainly done through the feet of the mistre... Read more

Forced Orgasm
Forced Orgasm or Made to Cum is a fetish and BDSM game. What could be better for the slave than to have to fight ag...Read more

Nipple Torture
The range of pain a dominatrix can inflict on a slave's nipples varies greatly, however, depending on whether a toy such. Read more

Dogplay, pigplay or catplay are all types of pet play. This fetish is also mainly about the degradation and possession of... Read more

Absolutely Kink is Ponyplay! Being held by your owner as a ponyboy/ponygirl is a wonderful humiliation. To be a Pony ... Read more

Rubber Fetish
Completely immobilized fixed, the air reduced by the mask, 3 layers of rubber on your naked skin and around your bo...  Read more

Sissy training
You are a loser, you have only a very tinny dick, you are useless as a man, yours mistress transforms you into a sissy ...  Read more

Slave training
The education of submissive men to a perfect slave often requires some strictness in the form of punishment. Thereby...  Read more

Spitting or spit fetish
An extremely degrading way of humiliating the slave. The slave is often spit in the face or on the geni...  Read more

Now you lie there, defenselessly fixed on the table and your mistress  straps on her biggest strapon full of joy and you...   Read more

Toilet Fetish
One of the greatest humiliations a dominatrix can give her slave is to use him as her living toilet. In his helpless situation.. Read more

Is a fetish in which a man gets sexual pleasure from being walked on barefoot or with High Heels and is part of a submi.... Read more

Tickling Torture
Tickling Torture was perfected in the Dark Ages, a saying from that time is "to tickle something out of someone"! so foot... Read more

Always wanted to know more about your mistress, read our exclusive interviews

Mistress Tatjana  Budapest, Hungary -  exclusive video interview

Mistress Naorys  Greece, Athens

Mistress Susi  USA and Germany

Mistress Luciana  Essen, Germany

Miss Shiva Bitch  Karlsruhe, Germany

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