The true fetishists - the true fetishists

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Fetish Ladies and Mistress Profiles

Latex Lara
Lara is a Rubberdoll with a big latexfetish enjoying full enclosure playing with others rubberfetish lovers. Check her out here

Mistress Tatjana
Do not be fooled by her sweet innocent appearance, her sadism is boundless. For her, you are just a toy on which she can live out her fantasies. Check her out here

Lady Blackdiamoond
Fetishist and dominatrix from Berlin, Germany. Untouchable dominance - bringing you to your knees Check her out here

Miss Kasha
Mistress from Berlin, Germany. Her beauty magically attracts men. Her charm turns you into wax in her hands. Check her out here

Mistress Susi
As a previous international photo model, she have always been a woman that liked to be in control of men. Check her out here

Miss Shiva Bitch
Mean dominatrix, cruel nurse, real fetishist. sadistic, irresistible and consequent. The game is ever played by my rules. Check her out here

You always wanted to know what is behind the terms like Domina, Femdom, Rubber, Clinic. In our FetishPedia we explain you the world of fetish and real fetishists. Watch the videos and explore the secrets.

Once the slave is defenceless in bondage, the mistress has absolute power and control and can do whatever she wants with him. Check it out here

One of the most wonderful humiliations a mistress can inflict on her slave is to "lock" his penis in a chastity cage. Check it out here

Clinic Fetish
Defenselessly tied up you lie on the gynecological examination chair, the nurse is an evil sadist who will perform a painful examination on you.  Check it out here

A painful or submissive pleasure for the man in the role play but also in real life  Check it out here

Foot Domination or Foot fetish
stands for a fetish in which the humiliation is mainly done through the feet of the mistress. Check it out here

Double Domination
One of the most pleasurable treatments for a happy slave is Double Domination.  Chek it out here

Rubber Fetish
Completely immobilized fixed, the air reduced by the mask, 3 layers of rubber on your skin and around your body. Check it out here

Sissy training
You are a loser, you have only a very tinny dick, you are useless as a man, yours mistress transforms you into a willing sissy.  Check it out here

Slave training
The goal of slave training is to teach the slave obedience, service and submission. Check it out here

Now  you lie there, defenselessly fixed on the table and your mistress  straps on her biggest strapon full of joy...  Check it out here

Toilet Fetish
One of the greatest humiliations a dominatrix can give her slave is to use him as her living toilet.... Check it out here

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