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Nipple Torture

The nipples of both men and women are known to be erogenous zones and many male slaves find slight pain on the nipples stimulating. The range of pain a dominatrix can inflict on a slave's nipples varies greatly, however, depending on whether a toy such as a clamp or nipple pump is used, or whether the mistress brings her fingernails into the game.

Playing with hot wax from a candle or wiring the nipple clamps with a E-stimulation current device is also popular.

Like other forms of erotic torture or humiliation, nipple torture can be used to satisfy the dominatrix's erotic desires with little or no pleasure for the slave in the form of corporal punishment.

Examples on video for Nipple Torture or Nipple Play for real fetishists can be found here: Nipple Torture or here: Nipple Play

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