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Mistress Naorys
Mistress Naorys

      Greece, Athens


Mistress Naorys

TTF: It's a pleasure to talk to you, the true fetishists are big fans of  yours. Can you start by telling our readers where you're currently based  and if you have any travel plans for 2024?
Mistress Naorys: Thank  you! I'm glad to be of help. Currently, I'm based in Athens, Greece.  It's such a vibrant city with a rich history and amazing cuisine. Summer  2024 is shaping up to be a season of epic travel adventures! From the  sun-kissed beaches of Australia to the charming vibes of Saint Barth.

TTF: How did you discover your beautiful fetish dominatrix?
Mistress Naorys: My unexpected encounter with the alluring world of Beautiful Fetish Mistress began with
a fascination with the fetish, the charm of the fetish mistress, and a curiosity about the kink lifestyle.
Delving  deeper - Unexpected revelations and experiences in this unique  subculture, the discovery of a kinky subculture, immersion in a  community of fetishists, exploring the world of BDSM.

TTF: How long have you been a dominatrix?
Mistress Naorys:I  had extensive experience as a dominatrix, with over 10 years of  practice. That level of experience brings a deep understanding of BDSM  dynamics, communication, and safety protocols.

TTF: What do you enjoy most during a session, how or with whom do you prefer to torture a slave?
Mistress Naorys: The  enjoyment and preferences during a BDSM session can vary greatly from  person to person, as each individual has unique desires and boundaries.  Some common elements that I may enjoy during a session include:power  dynamics, sensory stimulation, pain and pleasure, role-playing and  fantasy fulfillment, verbal humiliation or degradation ect.

TTF: Would you describe your favorite or best session?
Mistress Naorys: My  favorite session is an intense and perverse atmosphere where  participants can find themselves exploring new sensations, fantasies,  and role-playing scenarios that push the boundaries of their comfort  zones. Whether it's sophisticated slavery, experiments with sensory  deprivation, or intensive energy exchange, the possibilities are  endless.

TTF: What are your limits or no-gos in a session?
Mistress Naorys: I  feel comfortable exploring without certain restrictions, but it's  important to remember that everyone has boundaries in BDSM sessions.  Some of my common restrictions or "prohibitions" that can be during a  BDSM session include:  
Health and safety concerns and hard limits.

TTF: In which special place would you like to have a session with a slave?
Mistress Naorys: I  like the atmosphere and professionalism at BDSM sessions, I prefer a  BDSM dungeon/escape underground or studio. These rooms are specially  designed for BDSM events and provide a safe, well-equipped environment  for exploration.

TTF: What can a slave do to please you if he is allowed to visit you for a session?
Mistress Naorys: The  most important aspect is for my slave to demonstrate genuine respect,  devotion, and willingness to serve, while always prioritizing safety,  consent, and communication. Each session is a unique opportunity for  exploration and connection, and the ways in which a slave can please me  will vary depending on the dynamics established between us.

TTF: Do you dominate women or couples?
Mistress Naorys: Yes, I have experience with the domination of both couples and women.

TTF: What about social media and online domination?
Mistress Naorys: I'm not a fan of social media. When  it comes to online sessions like webcam sessions, text domination,  phone calls, or custom content creation, I prefer people I've met  before.

TTF: Finally, is there anything you always wanted to say to your fans and slaves?
Mistress Naorys:"To my devoted fans and loyal slaves, Thank you for allowing me to guide you on this journey of exploration, discovery, and self-realization.
With the deepest appreciation and respect, Your mistresses"

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