Interview Miss Shiva Bitch - the true fetishists

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Miss Shiva Bitch
Miss Shiva Bitch

      Karlsruhe, Germany

   +49 (0)159/02455174

Miss Shiva Bitch
TTF: Dear Mistress. It's a pleasure to talk to you, the true fetishists are big fans of yours. How did you discover your beautiful fetish dominatrix?
MSB I was actually discovered by Empress Maxime van Luven. I learned a lot from her and developed a passion that still fascinates me today.

TTF: How long have you been a dominatrix and where you're currently based and if you have any travel plans for 2024??         
MSB: My regular studio is Novem Viginti in Karlsruhe, Germany. For about 10 years. I am not a travelling dominatrix, so there are no plans for other studios.

TTF: What do you enjoy most during a session, how or with what do you prefer to torture a slave?
MSB: There are many things, but I get my kick from my slave. When I see and feel that he likes what I do and that he goes to his limits for me, it makes me happy and satisfied.
My favourite thing is to play or torture with my hands. For me it is the most touching way to treat a slave.

TTF: Would you describe your favourite or best session?
MSB: This is really hard to answer, there have been some unforgettable sessions. It's always nice for me when my slave is happy afterwards, remembers the time we spent together for a long time and visits me again.

TTF: What are your limits or no-gos in a session?
MSB: I will never do things that leave permanent damage or put my opponent in danger.

TTF: In which special place would you like to have a session with a slave?
MSB: A castle or an old palace would certainly be exciting, then with 2 or 3 colleagues and several slaves over 3 or 4 days.

TTF: What can a slave do to please you if he is allowed to visit you for a session?
MSB: He can bring me gifts, things that I want. Surprise me, give me his sincerity and his spirit for the session. In the past, a slave would not have dared to show up for an audience with his mistress without some attention.  Times have changed in this respect. Slaves also used to think of outfits to impress their mistress, but nowadays that's a rarity, which I think is a shame.

TTF: Do you also dominate women or couples or only men?
MSB: I also welcome women and couples, as well as people with disabilities.
TTF: What about social media and online domination?

MSB: I am represented in various social media and networks. Instagram, X, Bestfans, Facebook etc.
Online education is not necessarily my topic, I like it more face to face

TTF: Finally, is there anything you always wanted to say to your fans and slaves?
MSB: I can only thank my slaves and fans, because without them I wouldn't be where I am today. The loyalty, the trust, the solidarity even in difficult times, such as the lockdowns, etc.).
So many fans and slaves have supported me and returned to me afterwards.  A THANK YOU for that

We say thanks for the Interview

Video clips from Miss Shiva's femdom session can be found here and here

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