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Rubber Fetish

No other material is celebrated in the fetish scene as versatilely as latex. A dominatrix appears particularly elegant and untouchable in it. Rubber fetish has many facets from soft play to heavy rubber. Masks are used in all forms and types, many of them serve to increase horniness through air reduction breath control.

For a real dominatrix it is especially pleasurable to humiliate her rubber object with mean games, to tie it up defencelessly and to increase its horniness to the unbearable. Often fucking machines, painful electric stimulation and sperma milking devices are used so that a rubber object can be forced by his rubber goddess several times to an orgasm.

A real living 27/7 rubber toy must of course also give up his control over his cock and his mistress keeps the key to his chasity out of reach for him.  

A wide selection of rubber video clips can be found here: Rubber Fetish

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