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Mistress Susi
Mistress Susi

      Livestyle Dominatrix, USA and Germany

   Contact only over her Website

Mistress Susi
TTF: Dear Mistress. It's a pleasure to talk to you, the True Fetishists are big fans of yours. Can you start by telling our readers where you're currently based and if you have any travel plans for 2024?
MS: Travel Plans are not set but I ll sure do something in Germany, mayby Essen or Remscheid and Orlando, Florida USA again.

TTF: How long have you been a dominatrix?         
MS:  I  have already been doing domination with early boyfriends but started  doing it with others closer to being 30. So It was a development , but  fully been doing it since about 15 years.

TTF: What do you enjoy most during a session, how or with what do you prefer to torture a slave?
MS:  It depends a lot on the person I am with but I do say sexual torture and feminization are big ones for me.

TTF: Would you describe your favourite or best session?
MS:  I have had many sessions that were really amazing, so it is hard  to choose one, but one of my favorites was definitely one of the  bisexual encouragement ones and the forced Venus2000 milking sessions  where the slave was really milked dry and screaming for it to stop.

TTF: What are your limits or no-gos in a session?
MS:  Rude people, people that don`t know how to behave and being  touched without permission. No gos are always sex and sexual pleasing  the Mistress, unless I strap a facegagdildo on the guy and make him use  it.

TTF: In which special place would you like to have a session with a slave?
MS:  I would love to have Sessions in Nordhausen/ Bizarre Traumwelten. That is really a cool looking place!.

TTF: What can a slave do to please you if he is allowed to visit you for a session?
MS:  Be obedient , respectful, humble, thankful, show appreciation and tip me.

TTF: Do you also dominate women or couples or only men?
MS:  Yes, I also enjoy teaching the woman, OR playing with the woman while he is in chastity or tied down.

TTF: What about social media and online domination?
MS:  I do one on one sessions on Telegram and welcome followers and subscribers on my loyalfans where I also have my videos.
Telegram : Rena_MS

TTF: Finally, is there anything you always wanted to say to your fans and slaves?
My biggest passion is to create content and I am delighted to  have a lot of long term slaves that I meet whenever possible and keep  in touch online at all other times.

We say thanks for the Interview

Video clips from Mistress Susis femdom session can be found here and here

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