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Mistress Luciana
Mistress Luciana

      Essen, NRW, Germany

   +49 (0)160 4375912

Mistress Luciana
TTF: Dear Mistress. It's a pleasure to talk to you. How did you discover your beautiful fetish dominatrix?
ML: It is also a pleasure to give this interview. At the moment I live in Essen, where I also work most of the time. I can be found all over NRW, the Netherlands and Belgium for fixed dates only. I can also be found every 2 months in my old home in Saxony. I do have travel plans, this year I will definitely be visiting Switzerland. Other regions in Germany are also being considered, but are still in the planning stage. But I'm not the kind of traveller who visits a different place every week.

TTF: How long have you been a dominatrix and where you're currently based and if you have any travel plans for 2024??         
ML: It has been 17 great, exciting and, above all, varied years. I was introduced to the BDSM scene by a very good friend who invited me to a big BDSM party in her studio many years ago. I was immediately fascinated by the scene, although I have to say that I was already very dominant and sadistic. It was already very pronounced. This great Misttress site here was recommended to me by a very good friend that I have known for many years.

TTF: What do you enjoy most during a session, how or with what do you prefer to torture a slave?
ML: I am a classic dominatrix, I always train very strictly and consistently. However, I love sadistic practices such as whipping, caning or ballbusting the most. I also like to educate the absolutely obedient, gourmet toilet slave.

TTF: Would you describe your favourite or best session?
ML:  Every session is different and always has something great about it.

TTF: What are your limits or no-gos in a session?
ML: My limits are in any case things like intimate contact with me, any sexual practices, because I am untouchable for my slaves. I also refuse things like vomit or piss games (with me the slave gets the piss from a bowl or glass), drugs, baby education or injuries that cannot be reversed, like requests for castration.

TTF: In which special place would you like to have a session with a slave?
ML: I like old medieval cellars, so a castle with some old torture devices or a nice dungeon from the Middle Ages would really appeal to me.

TTF: What can a slave do to please you if he is allowed to visit you for a session?
ML:  By making a correct, respectful request without any demands or script details, because I am the mistress, I decide what I do. Also, the inclinations should suit me. Many slaves today simply have no decency, be it in the form of address (a mistress is never addressed as "you"), in behaviour (a mistress is never touched without permission). This should be appropriate, otherwise I will also refuse requests.

TTF: Do you also dominate women or couples or only men?
ML: Yes, submissive or masochistic women can also visit me and receive training, as can couples of course. For a joint session or also for an individual workshop that I offer. I am also very happy to accommodate people with minor or major physical limitations or disabilities.

TTF: What about social media and online domination?
ML: I've really enjoyed using this, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, or for slaves who just have to travel a long way, it's a useful alternative, but I have to be honest, I still prefer real sessions. I prefer to lend a hand and swing the whip myself rather than just watch. My slaves can also watch numerous films and videos of me or apply to become a performer. Of course I am also active on many social media platforms such as Twitter.

TTF: Finally, is there anything you always wanted to say to your fans and slaves?
I would like to thank all my slaves who have been loyal to me over the years and who have always found a way to have a great session with me, even in difficult times. I would also like to thank my many film fans. You can look forward to a lot of great material in the future.

We say thanks for the Interview

Video clips from Mistress Lucianas femdom session can be found here and here

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