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Clinic fetish

Clinic fetish is sexual practice in the context of medical treatment, hospitalisation or medical examination situations, usually rectally or vaginally in an erotic role play, for example as nurse and patient.

There is often a focus on wonderful pain and mean suffering of the patients. The patient is often tied defencelessly on the gynocological examination chair so that the mean nurse has perfect access to the "holes" but also to the penis. Particularly popular are dilator examinations but also the extreme spreading of the anus or needle games.

Clinical eroticism is directly related to fantasies and ideas of loss of control. The feeling of powerlessness against the nurses, the submission to their decisions as well as the idea of absolute force to which one is subjected as a "patient" is transferred into an erotic act in the play between the participants.

Examples on video of extreme clinical examinations of mean nurses on their patients can be found here:: The fetish clinic


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