Mistress Andromeda X - the true fetishists

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Mistress Andromeda X
Mistress from Barcelona - Spain

I am a sophisticated and extravagant Dominatrix with a penetrating and aphrodisiac gaze.
I dominate perverts like you and subdue them with the power of my sexual attraction and my perverted mind.

I  highlight my curves and my beauty, covered in latex, boots with  infinite heels and other accessories for the most fetishists, a perfect  Mistress sadist Rubber doll.

I am perverted, sensual, intelligent, sadistic and strict.
I transmit what I think you need with the experience that differentiates me.
I am a supreme being before you capable of recreating your darkest fantasies and making your most perverted dreams come true.
Dare to submit yourself under my power, you will always want to worship your latex Goddess.

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