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Fetish Lady Schokomaus

My fetish I discovered at the age of 19! At that time I had first experiences with patent, leather an latex.
It was a kind of wicked and very new learning for me ... I just remeber that very well ...

Anyway wearing heels and boots started much earlier for me! At all times I had my own outstanding style.
I didn’t ever want to be like all others. I always was different from other women and that’s just the way it is up to now ...
20 women are walking down a road ... Always all looks are going to my direction, possibly I’m quite outstanding ...

Since I’m living together with my husband I really let out my fetish in front of a camera as well as private.
I’m proud of each video and each foto gallery!! It’s a part of myself ...

I love it to buy those beautiful outfits and to present them to camera and of course outside. Belief me,
it’s a wonderful feeling for me. It kicks ass and it gives me a kind of validation.

Watch a great selection of my fetish Clips here: Fetish Lady Schokomaus


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